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Cleansing Super Herbs List for Springtime -- Issue #45
April 24, 2014



  1. Yearly Cleansing for Long Term Health
  2. List of Top 10 Cleansing Herbs
  3. Liver Cleansing Products


Yearly Cleansing for Long Term Health

In Chinese medicine, spring is the season of the "liver" and is a natural time to partake in cleansing rituals. This may include periods of fasting on juice, herbal teas or eating mostly fruits and vegetables for a number of days in a row, eliminating the use of oils, fats or salt from the diet.

Periodic cleanses help to facilitate the body's own healing mechanisms so it can naturally do what it does best, clean and heal itself! Implementing a yearly detox ritual, using herbs and other purifying superfoods, can also be extremely beneficial to your overall health and well-being during the course of a lifetime.

We all are exposed to environmental contaminants on a day to day basis, so it is good take herbs, supplements and drink teas that help to clean them out on occasion.

What are Cleansing Herbs?

There is also a whole world of herbal plants that can be valuable adjuncts to assist in the detoxification from potential toxins stored in our body tissues. These are the cleansing herbs! They are roots, barks, mushrooms, seeds and berries of various plants that help to "cleanse" and purify the body of internal toxicity accumulated from environmental pollutants as well as metabolic wastes produced from substances we ingest.

Cleansing herbs can help to release the burden of a toxic overload that can, over time, have negative repercussions on all our body systems and our state of metal health in general. The herbs below work directly with the liver and intestinal tract to clear up and clean out! They can be used as teas or taken as liquid tinctures or powdered extracts throughout the day for either a gentle or more intensive springtime cleanse.

List of Top 10 Cleansing Herbs

1) Milk Thistle Seed - Extracts and powders of the milk thistle seed contain a flavonoid called silymarin that is shown to have purifying and protective effects on the liver. Many herbalist use milk thistle in cases of liver disease, such as cirrhosis and hepatitis. It is also used as a digestive supplement to help stimulate enzymes that help to break down fatty rich foods.

2) Schizandra Berries - Schizandra is a blood purifier that promotes liver health and helps to enhance eyesight and beautify the skin. The decocoted berries are one of the primary cleansing tonic herbs used in TCM as they are known to safely remove toxins from the tissues and blood.

3) Dandelion Root - Dandelion root is known as one of the top cleansing herbs for the liver. It is a gentle and safe natural detoxifier and blood cleanser used by humans for centuries as a remedy for all types of ailments from hepatitis to skin disorders. It is a nutritious bitter root that cleanses the blood, tissues and lymph system.

4) Reishi Mushroom - Reishi has powerful shielding effects on the liver organ. The ganoderic acid content in the mushroom acts as a natural antihistamine, increasing oxygen utilization and liver functions. As a liver tonic it cleans the blood and helps guard the liver with its antihepatotoxic compounds, ganodosterone and triterpenes.

5) Sarsaparilla Root - Sarsaparilla root is a blood purifier and has been proven helpful for mercury poisoning. It helps to detox the body by binding to endotoxins in the bloodstream. The saponins in the root have been shown to be effective for clearing up psoriasis as well as reducing inflammation in the body.

6) Burdock Root - Burdock root is a great nourishing root that works with the liver and lymph to purify the bloodstream of toxins. It is high in iron, which enriches the blood and is great for strengthening the entire system. It can often be found fresh in health food markets in the U.S. and steamed like a root vegetable.

7) Bupleurum Root - Bupleurum is one of the most widely used liver herbs in Chinese medicine and is a common ingredient in many patent formulas. The root is used to cleanse and "cool" the liver and is usually prepared with blood building herbs to help to release toxic substances.

8) Pau D'Arco - Pau D'Arco is a powerful antifungal and can be effectively used as a tea to help eliminate yeast, parasites and candida from the digestive tract. It is a great herb to use for autoimmune disorders and also acts as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial and mild laxative.

9) Turmeric Root - Turmeric root is a commonly used Ayurvedic herb that acts as a digestive bitter, carminative, anti-inflammatory and potent detoxifier. The fresh root or tincture can be used for greater effectiveness at decreasing congestion in the lungs, throat, intestinal tract and stomach.

10) Black Walnut Hulls - Black walnut oxygenates the blood to kill parasites with its unique composition of juglone, tannins and natural iodine. It is an antiseptic, a germicide and a laxative. Black walnut hull powder is often used with clove powder and wormwood powder to expel parasites from the body.

(Visit our cleansing herbs page for more herbs and information.)

Liver Cleansing Products

Liver Rescueâ„¢ Liver Support, 30caps to - 120caps - Healthforce Nutritionals

Liver Rescue contains therapeutic levels of the most powerful liver herbs known. Supports both Phase I and Phase II liver detoxification. Liver Rescue nutritionally supports liver function and regeneration, liver detoxification, and bile flow. It is a combination of Milk Thistle Seed Extract (660mg), Dandelion Root Extract (200 mg), Chanca Piedra (100 mg) and Pichroriza rhizome (100 mg). Liver Rescue

Restore the Liver - 90caps - Jing Herbs

Restore the Liver is formulated to assist all the organs of detoxification; however, the major emphasis is on liver support. It is a powerful anti-hepatotoxic blend of Chinese herbs and antioxidants, featuring Milk Thistle, Bupleurum, Schizandra, Curcuma and Alpha Lipoic Acid. This formula helps to support liver function and detoxification. Jing Herbs is a reputable company, offering high quality tonic powders and extracts. Restore the Liver

Healthy Liver Tonic Tincture Compound - 1 oz - Herb Pharm

This is a liquid tincture alcohol concentration of dandelion root and milk thistle along with other cleansing herbs such as oregon grape root, beet leaf and fennel seed. All the herbs in the formula are certified organic or custom wild-crafted. They are extracted while fresh and shade-dried. Healthy Liver Compound

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