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Superhealthy Foods Good for the Skin - Issue #34
February 15, 2013



  1. Nourishing the Skin from the Inside Out
  2. Superhealthy Superfoods Good for the Skin
  3. Products for Skin Health


Nourishing the Skin from the Inside Out

Although the cosmetic industry would rather have you believe that it is what you put ON your skin that matters, true skin health and vibrancy is actually born from the INSIDE out.

There are, of course, natural superfoods, creams and oils to apply directly to the skin, but here we will discuss, more importantly, the foods, herbs and dietary protocol that will provide deep skin nourishment for healthy glowing skin.

Aside from misc genetic influences, what we eat and drink does affect this layer of cells that wraps our entire body. The epidermis layer, the outer most surface of our skin, can be especially nourished by certain superfoods that are known to keep the skin as healthy as possible as we age.

In Chinese Medicine the skin is associated with the wood element and the liver function. Periodic fasting to promote regular liver detox throughout one’s life can be extremely beneficial for providing healthy youthful skin.

Here are our top foods for not only enhancing the condition of the skin, but for providing life energy and inner radiance that helps you glow on the outside as a side effect.

Superhealthy Superfoods
Good for the Skin

"The sun, water, minerals and plants contain in their essence the self-organizing principles that can relate to the cells architecture." Nadine Artemis

1) Chia Seeds - Aside from drinking plenty of water daily, chia seeds are a remarkable food for hydrating the body. They contain Omega oils that help to also keep the skin moist and supple. Chia is excellent for reducing inflammation in the body often associated with skin problems. When soaked, they blend well into smoothies and shakes.

2) Schizandra Fruit - This Chinese tonic herb/berry is prized for its effects at restoring and rejuvenating the skin via its action on the liver organ. Schizandra is common in any herbal formula that promotes skin health, along with pearl powder, dendrobeum, deer antler, white peony, ashwaganda and longan fruit. All tonic herbs are also adaptogens that help to guard against the effects of stress in our lives, a leading cause of hormonal imbalance that causes wrinkled, dry skin.

3) MSM - A potent superfood for the skin used topically as well as internally. MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is a naturally occurring sulfur bearing molecule. Sulfur is critical to cellular health and makes the skin cells less rigid and more flexible as we age. As a central ingredient of collagen, sulfur assists the body in preventing inflammation and facilitating repair of connective tissues. MSM is especially helpful when taken with a Vit C source.

4) Chaga and Agaricus Blazei - All medicinal mushrooms, with their abundance of polysaccharides, are good for the skin. But particularly chaga, for its powerful antioxidant properties, and agaricus, which is a rich source of Beta-1,6-D-glucan and Beta-1,3-D-glucan, substances known to protect and enhance the skin membrane.

5) Aloe Vera - Not only is aloe gel good for the outside of the body, its moisturizing polysaccharides promote a clear smooth complexion. In addition aloe has cleansing properties that help to improve digestion by acting as a mild laxative to move out unwanted waste material.

6) Royal Jelly - Used topically and taken internally, contains the necessary ingredients like amino acids, collagen and zinc for a soft, yet firm, skin layer and connective tissues.

7) Foods that Promote Deep Sleep - A good night sleep is essential for skin vibrancy. See our Superfood Evolution Ezine #33, Superfoods for Deep Sleep.

8) Lecithin - Non-GMO sourced soy bean lecithin (also found in egg yolks) nutritionally supports healthy cholesterol, liver function and triglyceride levels and is a source of choline and inositol. Lecithin, a natural antioxidant, helps to soften, tone and prevent moisture loss in the deeper layers of the complexion. Used topically as well as internally for skin conditions such as: psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. Some believe lecithin helps the body metabolize fats and cholesterol's which are disrupted in those with skin conditions.

9) Antioxidant-Rich Foods - All food high in antioxidants, like any of the super fruits: acai, camu camu, noni, and goji berries, are wonderful for fighting the damaging effects of free radicals that effect skin health over time.

10) Sun Food - Some sunlight on the skin on a regular basis is important for providing Vit D, healthy cholesterol and sulfur that supports immunity and increases cellular health. Our skin was designed to take in the rays of the sun, 20 minutes of direct sun on the skin per day is important for taking in these nutrients.

11) Raw Fruits, Vegetables, Seaweeds and Juices - These high water contain foods keep you juicy with enzymes, vitamins and minerals to be used as nature intended. Foods like cucumbers, dandelion greens and all wild greens are especially helpful in providing essential minerals for skin cell repair and restoration.

Green juices being particularly beneficial as a concentrated source of nutrients that moisturize and detox the body. Seaweeds also provide minerals and polysaccharides that are very nourishing to the skin.

Products for Skin Health

Here is a list of natural Chinese herbal supplements that provide deep supporting tonic actions for beautifying the skin.

  1. Goji Schizandra Drops, Dragon Herbs - This is an anti-aging elixir with powerful effects on not just the skin, but the eyes, libido, detoxification functions, mental power and energy maintenance in general. Goji Schizandra Drops
  2. Magu's Treasure, Dragon Herbs - In China, the goddess Magu is revered because of her warmth, seductive charm, and deep beauty; also because Magu remained eternally young. This superior quality formulation includes such highly prized herbal substances as deer antler tips, pearl powder, royal jelly, schizandra, dang Gui, and other deeply nourishing herbs. Magu's Treasure
  3. Three Sisters, Jing Herbs - Three Sisters is a heavenly trinity of tonic herbs for cultivating beauty, health, and longevity. This is the ultimate yin, blood, and essence tonic. It is renowned for its ability to nurture beautiful, soft, and radiant skin. Three Sisters Tonic Tincture

Until our next issue...

May you thrive, prosper and evolve in the best of ways!


All information in this ezine is the personal view of the author and is for educational purposes only and not intended as medical advice, diagnosis or prescription. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to cure or prevent any disease.

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