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A Raw Diet Weight Loss Story! -- Issue #019
July 20, 2011



  1. A Raw Diet Weight Loss Story!
  2. Recipe - Dave's Green Juice


Raw Diet Weight Loss Story!

As we have discussed before, one of the best superfoods you can eat are raw living foods that have the enzymes, nutrition and life force you need to hydrate and fuel the body in the highest way possible. For those who suffer from obesity issues, the raw vegan diet can provide the high quality, pure, fuel source needed to loose (release) unwanted weight.

As a result, there have been numerous weight loss stories about many people finding their "true body" on a raw food diet. This story is dedicated to one of those people. His name is Dave the Raw Food Trucker. And yes, that's right, he is a truck driver by profession. After adhering to a totally 100% raw vegan diet over the past 2 years, Dave lost over 180lbs of weight and cured a number of diseases that threatened his life.

Dave was over 400 lbs before that (see pic below) and a diabetic. He was diagnosed with stage two colon cancer and kidney disease. He was on 24 prescription drugs and was basically dying. His left kidney needed to be removed, which was leaking proteins into his blood.

After learning about the raw food diet, he began the process of healing himself. By letting go of the standard American processed food diet, he completely turned his health around in less than 6 months. His MRI test revealed a complete healing of both the cancer and kidney disease, which shocked his doctors. He did no form of chemotherapy or radiation, but attributes his recovery to shots of wheatgrass and gallons green juicing!

At the beginning of his journey, after a lifetime of the SAD diet and heavy amounts of meat eating, he found it easier to make the transition, initially, by eating at raw food restaurants that were prominent in the larger cities he traveled through regularly. He also said he went through a phase of eating almond butter to help his cravings for meat. He was able to wean himself off of all but two of his prescription medications. In addition, he is no longer a diabetic, after reading A Cure for Diabetes, by Gabriel Cousins and adhering to low sugar, high green juice diet. Dave continues the path to complete superhealth and is presently writing a book which will discuss his journey and the process of rediscovering what it feels like to be alive again in a totally new body.

He has been a great inspiration for many who not only want to shed those extra pounds, but totally transform their life, mind and spirit. He warns, "It is not just a diet, but a lifestyle commitment!"

We love you Dave!!

Recipe of the Month:

Dave's Green Juice

One of the secrets to Dave "The Raw Food Trucker's" story is his consumption of massive amounts of green juice everyday. This is also recommended by Dr. Cousins as a way to heal blood sugar imbalance and help to cure diabetes.

For many people that know Dave, you get that he likes his wheatgrass! This recipe is a great one because you get a bit of sweetness, the taste of fennel and the spice of ginger to help deliver the nutrition.

  • 2 shots wheatgrass
  • kale
  • ginger
  • fennel
  • purple cabbage
  • cucumber
  • celery

Place the above in a juicer. Follow your own intuition with amounts, but not more than two shots of wheatgrass per quart of juice is recommended. It is very refreshing and revitalizing on a hot summers day. Sometimes I blend it with ice for a nice, cold green juice drink.

Until our next issue...

May you thrive, prosper and evolve in the best of ways!


All information in this ezine is the personal view of the author and is for educational purposes only and not intended as medical advice, diagnosis or prescription. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to cure or prevent any disease.

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