The Superfood Evolution Couple

Who are We?

We are the SE Couple (Shira and Ken), a wife and husband duo and founders of this website and corresponding YouTube channel, here to inspire healthy eating through various dietary alternatives.

Superfood Evolution is the place where we share our life-long passion for using the foods we eat, drink, blend, infuse chop, grate and create as our medicinal, nutritive and even spiritual allies.

Both born and raised in San Francisco California circa the mid 1970’s, we’ve let’s say been a part of the “health food” scene for a very very long time, experiencing first-hand the beginnings of many types of diets, particularly vegetarian and vegan plant-based options.

As many stories go, our collective interest in diet and nutrition arose out of a myriad of childhood sicknesses, chronic allergies and visits to the doctor’s office. What came out of the dark side of illness however was a light at the end of the tunnel. Our own personal understanding that preventive self-maintenance can often help support the body’s own self-healing potential.

Although "diet is not everything", we feel it can be the key to taking the first steps toward greater well-being in our daily lives.

Our Mission is Simple

Our mission is a simple one... To provide high quality well-researched informative content, so you don't have to sort through facts vs fiction on the front page of a search engine. We aim to be as accurate as possible NOT a parrot of the same old info on any one given subject matter.

We do are best to offer our professional expertise, personal experience, scientific reviews and DIY recipes with the main goal being to empower You to ultimately help Yourself evolve on your own unique path to a healthier life. We believe that learning more about foods, where they come from, their specific nutritional properties and historical human uses, can help us all to make more informed choices.

We encourage supporting organic, non-GMO, sustainably harvested foods and/or growing your own whenever possible, not only for individual health but also for the health of the beautiful planet we call home.

More About Us

Our quests have led us to seek education in the field of herbal medicine and holistic nutrition via seminars, workshops, herbal apprenticeships and diet/lifestyle counseling programs.

Collectively, we have received degrees in Holistic Diet and Lifestyle Counseling with an emphasis on Chinese and Ayurvedic approaches. Herbal certifications are from Evergreen School of Integrative Herbology (Western, Chinese, Ayurvedic herbalism), Dry Creek Herb Farm and Rosemary Gladstar's Sage Mountain Herbal Studies Program.

Other education and training includes:

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Environmental Sciences, emphasis on Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Latin American Studies
  • Licensed Massage Therapy, Acupressure and Advanced Shiatsu Certification
  • Previous business owner of Urban Organix, a sprout and microgreen company

Additionally, we are currently pursuing a Nutrition and Healthy Living Certification from a Cornell University program.

Our other shared special interests include spending time in the great outdoors, hiking, yoga, trail running, wild food foraging and travel.

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