Raw Vegan Recipes: Entrées, Desserts, Snacks, Sides and Beverages

These are our raw vegan recipes, achieved using simple, whole living plant-based foods that don't require any degree of baking, frying, boiling or roasting. Instead, you will be using a blender, a food processor and occasionally a dehydrator to mix, blend, dry and texturize your ingredients.

The good news about "un-cooking" is that any of the traditional foods that you may be accustom to making can often be made raw vegan-style with just as much if not more flavor.

These recipes are created from a health perspective, attempting to bridge the gap between delicious tasting meals and highest nutrition potential.

Raw unheated plant-based foods are filled with enzymes, life-force and contain a higher amount of nutrients than most cooked and overly processed food.

Incorporated as the base for many traditional entrées, desserts and beverages, they help to blend the best of both worlds, unifying amazing taste sensations with some of the most nutritiously dense foods you will ever eat.

Raw food recipes are made with fruits, vegetables, a variety of nuts and seeds as well as superfoods and raw plant fats. As a result, they contain fewer calories and an increased amount of fiber and water content.

Moreover, because they are often easier to digest and assimilate, they are highly energizing to the body with less of a tendency to make you feel tired and sluggish after a meal.

Using High-Quality Ingredients

We believe that the easiest way to make great-tasting raw foods is to use the best quality ingredients you can find.

This involves buying organic, non-GMO, non-irradiated foods and superfoods whenever you can. It is also great to purchase your produce directly from local suppliers if possible via farmer's markets or delivered CSA boxes.

Sometimes higher quality does come with a higher price tag, but a few extra dollars can make a big difference nutrition-wise. If you think of the food you eat as a form of health insurance, it is an investment that usually pays off in the long run.

Our Raw Vegan Recipes

About Making Raw Vegan Recipes

Making raw food entrées, desserts or snacks is a fairly basic process requiring, in some cases, no more than a chopping board and a knife. While at other times, high-speed blenders, juicers, dehydrators and food processors can come in handy. These kitchen tools are especially essential to have if you've decided to make these types of meals a regular part of your diet.

For those who are following a strict raw vegan diet, some of our recipe creations may use herbal teas, prepared hot water extracts or involve the use of a "not technically raw" condiment or sweetener. These ingredients, however, can be modified according to your dietary preferences.

Some of these recipes do involve a little pre-planning for soaking nuts and seeds, dehydrating foods or when fermentation is necessary. This does take some practice to get down, but the end results is well worth the extra waiting time or preparation techniques that may be required.

Many of these recipes can be adapted to your own personal tastes, adding more or less of one ingredient.

Consider them more like inspirational recipe guides that you can adjust accordingly. We also add helpful tips that can make it easier for those new to preparing cuisine in this manner.

Whether you are embarking on a vegan lifestyle or merely motivated to start adding in more raw foods to your diet, we hope that these recipes may help you along your journey, providing colorful meals made with the highest quality wholesome ingredients your body will most likely appreciate.

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