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If you've arrived on our Superfood Evolution home page, you most likely already have an interest in food, health and nutrition... or some combination of the three.

It is also highly likely that you gravitate toward wanting to use the foods you eat to support long term well-being. In other words, you want to do the most you can to feel good during your life experience, right?

You probably also know that while "diet isn't everything" it can be a big missing piece of the health puzzle. As I'm sure, at some point, most of you have correlated eating better ~with~ feeling better.

What is better as far food quality goes? Well, that's where our website may be of some assistance.

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What are Superfoods?

There is not a set standard for what defines a "super food", so it really depends on the context and the one utilizing the lingo. To us, this word doesn't just describe one type of food in particular, but rather a whole range of foods, herbs, drinks, extracts and supplements that can be individually tailored to one's dietary objectives.

Some can contain greater amounts of diverse phytonutrients such as: antioxidants, enzymes, polysaccharides, chlorophyll, probiotics, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals whereas others may provide specific compounds unique to each food substance.

Because not ALL "super foods" are appropriate for ALL people, we’ve created this website to make your choices a little bit easier.

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Although we place an emphasis on vegan plant-based foods, this is not to say that animal-derived sources don’t have their place. We agree, in small amounts, they can be a very beneficial part of the whole nutrition puzzle.

We are here, however, to balance the equation and hopefully (if we are doing our job) open you up to an entirely different spectrum of dietary potentials you may not know about.

In our videos and website pages, we attempt to provide you with genuine well-researched information in conjunction with personal experiences, recipes and reviews on a variety of colorful superfood options to pick and choose from according to your own unique health goals.

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We always recommend seeking the advice of a qualified health care professional before experimenting with any one superfood or undertaking a new dietary regimen, especially when pregnant, nursing, taking prescribed medications or if you have a serious medical condition.