Superfood Options for Evolving Your Nutrition Potential

Some of the Best Foods, Herbs and Drinks on the Planet

Looking for natural ways to activate energy levels that are deeply nourishing, immune enhancing and life supporting?

Or, maybe you want to lose unwanted body weight, improve digestion and/or cleanse the body tissues?  Either way, you have come to the right place!

Welcome to Superfood Evolution, a superfoods resource hub and motivational health guide, providing well-researched information, scientific reviews as well as our own personal experience and education on a variety of colorful superfood options to pick and choose from according to your own unique health objectives.

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Although "diet is not everything", we feel it can be the key to taking the first steps toward the kind of vibrantly alive existence that we all deserve!

For us, that simple saying reigns true…

“Eat better, Feel better!”

And, what more effective way to do this, than with some of the healthiest foods, herbs and drinks on planet Earth.

Don’t take our word for it however. If you are at wits end, seemingly plagued with some health issue, try changing your diet by adding in some of these beneficial foods and witness the results for yourself.

As problems with adrenal fatigue, vitamin-mineral deficiency, low sex drive, obesity, toxemia, cognitive and autoimmune disorders are becoming more prevalent in today's modern world, it is sometimes necessary to look to some of the best natural remedies available and truly use the foods you eat as your therapeutic allies.

Here we are centered on a plant-based approach to health and healing, covering a broad spectrum of superior foods and supplements that can work collectively to maximize your own unique nutrition potential.

When consumed as adjuncts to a health promoting diet and lifestyle, they can have a profound influence on the quality of one's life, working to considerably enhance our day to day experiences. And, yes, in many cases chronic health conditions can be very much alleviated.

Latest Superfood Recipes and DIY's

We also offer eclectic ways for enriching your drinks, meals and desserts, utilizing many of these superfoods in raw vegan recipe creations.

You might also be interested in our assortment of fermented food recipes, in which we'll show you how to make your own homemade kombucha, miso’s, sauerkraut’s and tempeh’s.

What are Superfoods?

Loosely defined, superfoods can have a variety of definitions depending on the perspective of the one utilizing the lingo. Often, the term "superfoods" is commonly used these days as a marketing device to sell or promote a particular food or product.

We also recommend you seek the advice of a health care professional before undertaking any new diet regime or treatment protocol.

This website, however, is not designed to endorse any one particular superfood, but rather provide you with a variety of alternatives that can be uniquely tailored to your individual body type and dietary goals.

Our classification of a superfood specifically encompasses foods, herbs, drinks, extracts and supplements which may contain higher amounts of any number of diverse phytonutrients, such as antioxidants, enzymes, polysaccharides, chlorophyll, probiotics, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals or other specific compounds unique to each plant-based food substance.

As genuine, well-educated, long-time health food crusaders, with a passionate ever-evolving quest to maximize our own nutrition potential, we are here to provide honest and valuable information as well as firsthand experience on this class of superior foods and their researched benefits to human health.

Our Superfoods List Includes:

  • Super Herbs and Tonics
  • Fermented Foods
  • Sprouts and Juicing
  • Super Fruits
  • Medicinal Mushrooms
  • Top Superfoods
  • Natural Sweeteners
  • Seaweeds and Wild Food
  • Raw Vegan Foods
  • Super Supplements

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Superfood List of Categories

This is our top 10 superfoods list of different antioxidant-rich foods, tonics, algaes and extracts chosen to provide a full spectrum of possibilities for naturally enhancing energy levels and encouraging greater states of health and well-being. Whether you are embarking on a complete dietary makeover or merely inspired to begin increasing immediate nutrient uptake, this list will give you some options of where you might want to begin.

This is the class of superior tonic herbs widely used in the Chinese herbal system. They are natural herbs taken as teas, patent formulas or as a liquid or powdered hot water extract. These are adaptogens associated with living a high quality life and known to help enhance energy, physical strength, sexual vitality, mental acuity, spiritual wisdom and many have also gained the reputation as life extending longevity herbs.

Super juicing is the practice of consuming large quantities of juice from fresh, raw, organic fruits and vegetables to energize, cleanse and detox the body. Incorporated as an adjunct to daily meals or used exclusively for many days in a row, juicing is becoming very well-known in today's modern world as an easy way to immediately increase nutritional uptake, boost immune health and lift one's mood.

Sprouts are a raw, living superfood germinated from the seeds of various plants. When sprouted, they provide a highly concentrated source of predigested vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, chlorophyll and other health enhancing phytochemical compounds unique to each sprout variety. Today, many health institutions are endorsing sprout consumption as part of a health promoting diet to help treat and prevent chronic health issues.

Fermented foods are a special group of foods that have gone through a fermentation process which creates a deliciously pickled or strongly flavored condiment, food or drink. These are "cultured foods" that contain high amounts of friendly probiotic bacteria and enzyme content. They can increase digestive functions, making nutrients more bioavailable, and some are likewise particularly beneficial to a healthy colon.

Medicinal mushrooms are specific strains of wild edible mushroom species that are used for their unique health enhancing compounds. Consumed as tea decoctions, powdered hot water extracts, liquid solutions or in some instances as a cooked fresh mushroom, they containing polysaccharides, like beta-glucans, as well as various other myco-nutrients. They can be extremely helpful for building a natural immunity to viruses, diseases and environmental toxins.

This is our secondary list of superior foods, herbs, powders and extracts to give you some more options when searching for a specific superfood unique to your personal health goals. Some of these superfoods work to revitalize deep energies, restore endocrine functions and promote cleansing effects, while others are antioxidant-rich nutritional supplements for boosting both immune and neurological systems.

Seaweeds are "sea vegetables" that contain immense concentrations of essential minerals and trace minerals. Because the food we eat is often deficient in minerals because of soil degradation, seaweeds can be a great addition to help balance nutrient uptake. They are particularly known for their large amounts of bioavailable minerals like iodine, iron and calcium. Minerals are essential for proper brain function, metabolism and maintaining healthy bones.

Here, we present some common Ayurvedic herbs and spice varieties most familiar in Western culture. They are typically referred to as "rasayanas" or rejuvenating tonics as they help to improve the quality of "rasa" or the bodily tissues. Rasayanas are believed to help promote physical strength, increase lifespan, boost cognitive function and prevent disease. These herbs can be used in conjunction with other Ayurvedic approaches which may also include modifying one's diet, lifestyle choices and activity levels.

Here is a list of herbs and their corresponding categories to refer to when concocting your own personalized blends and tea formulas. This does not include the common herbs used to treat acute illnesses, but are rather varieties that work as cleansing, activating, sedating or tonifying agents. Herbal teas are a great way to provide necessary compounds in an easy to assimilate nutrient-rich format and also help to hydrate to the body.

If you are someone who has had a past history of sugar addiction or are currently looking for new healthier options to replace the customary white table sugar, artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup, some of the sugars on this list might provide some better alternatives. These are concentrated sugars, syrups, powders or extracts that are closer to the "whole plant food" or natural source they originated from.

A raw vegan diet comprises eating organic vegetables, fruits, fats, nuts and seeds that have not been cooked over 115–118° F (45-48°C). This is to ensure that the food retains its natural living enzymes and nutrient content which is typically destroyed by heat or cooking methods. These are "living foods" high in fiber, water content and essential phytonutrients that help the body to function at its highest levels.

Good fats in our diet help us to live and thrive at optimal levels. It is imperative, however, that we consume the right type of fats and largely avoid the bad ones which can have negative health consequences on our health over time. Changing the types of fats you eat and consume on a regular basis can help to reduce the risk of many common health issues.

Sometimes, during the course of our lifetime, we become nutritionally deficient in one area or another and need a little help from a supplement specifically concentrated in a particular nutrient or cleansing solvent. Super supplements, in our view, are any manufactured product that uses natural, high quality ingredients to create powders, pills or extracts that can be used for extra nutritional support when needed.

Wild edible greens are leafy green plants that grow in wild unattended places all over the world in many different climate zones. They're not just for emergency survival situations, but are actual leafy foods that are very nutritious to incorporate into meals and salads from time to time. We include a list of our top 17 varieties you might want to consider harvesting throughout the year.

Super fruits, or also spelled "superfruits", are not your standard hybridized fruits, but are varieties that offer a complex array of nutrients that you can’t get from a banana or an apple. These fruits may contain any number of unique components such as high amounts of antioxidants, polysaccharides, species specific phytonutrients and may also provide distinct properties as adaptogens.

Wild edible plants and foods are all around us in natural locations around the globe. While many are considered weeds or inferior foods compared to hybridized varieties, they can actually provide beneficial levels of nutrition that we don't normally get in the diet. Not only are wild edible plants FREE of charge to any inspired food forager, they are fun to learn about and provide an excellent emergency survival food.

These are our raw vegan recipes, achieved using simple, whole living plant-based foods that don't require any degree of baking, frying, boiling or roasting. Instead, you will be using a blender, a food processor and occasionally a dehydrator to mix, blend, dry and texturize your ingredients. These recipes are created from a health perspective attempting to bridge the gap between delicious tasting meals and highest nutritional potential.

While it is possible to maintain a health promoting diet with just a chopping board and a knife, having a few basic kitchen tools to help you out can be a huge bonus that, in the long run, will save you time and energy. Particularly, for those of you following a high raw diet, these electrical devices can be a godsend for creating raw vegan style replications of many traditional foods.

This is the superfood store offering links to many of our recommended and personal favorite superfoods products, supplements, herbs and supplies. We appreciate your purchase of superfoods via our store as it allows us to continue to focus on offering you all the quality information and recipe inspirations included on the pages of this website.

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