Super Supplements, For Added Nutritional Support


Super supplements, in our view, are any manufactured product that uses natural, high quality ingredients to create powders, pills or extracts that can be used for extra nutritional support when needed.

During the course of one's lifetime we may become deficient in any number of essential nutrients that the body requires for optimal health. This is where we may choose to utilize the advances that modern-day science provides.

Super supplements are products of evolved technological innovation, offering potent concentrations of certain vitamins, minerals, solvents, enzymes and probiotics.


While there are a plethora of dietary supplement brands on the market, most are created from low quality, synthesized ingredients that can impede nutritive uptake rather than encourage it.

Those produced from high quality ingredients using whole food sources, ionic solutions or condensed plant-based extracts, are personally the only ones we recommend taking as an adjunct to a healthy diet and lifestyle protocol.

It is evident that the best nutritional supplementation can come in many forms. For some people this is most effectively achieved through dietary nutriments such as green juices, nutritive herbs and some of the various superfruit selections.

However, for others, supplements that concentrate nutrients into one small package can be more convenient to take in the form of a pill, tablet or powdered concentrate.

Extremely deficient or malnourished individuals might wish to integrate both methods of supplementation, using teas, powders and fresh pressed juices, in addition to super supplements.

This is the practice of "preventative medicine", using proper nutrition to help cover the bases and "prevent" sickness and disease before it takes root.

Getting Regular Blood Tests

Though some nutritional deficiencies are detectable through symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, hormonal fluctuation, tingling in the arms, bruising and bone loss, getting regular blood tests can take the guess work out of the equation.

Often times, symptoms can also appear years after the actual deficiency causing a defect in biochemical pathways that may go unrecognized and slowly diminish health over time.

We highly recommend getting regular blood tests that will tell you EXACTLY what nutrients you are deficient in. This gives you the upper hand so that you can tend to malnourished states that may significantly affect long-term wellness and vitality.

It is important to get lab testing which analyzes levels of not only vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, but also ensures optimal balance and function of hormones, metabolism and lipid profiles. Testing for indications of inflammation in the body can also be helpful.

As we age over the course of our lifetime this is when evidence of undernourishment can rear its ugly head with injuries or health problems often associated with "growing older." These conditions, however, may often simply reflect a past history of deficiency that is finally catching up to us, resulting in a weakness of our joints, bones, tissues as well as immune, neurological and organ systems.

While most people might get regular blood testing with annual exams conducted by a health care practitioner, many tend to supplement with low quality synthesized supplements that do not offer the same nourishment that "whole food" or high quality supplements can provide.

Using High Quality Super Supplements

The reality about most conventional dietary supplements on the shelves these days is that they are synthetic chemical isolates, which not only lack the full spectrum of beneficial nutrients, they contain potential harmful fillers, binders and flow agents you don't really want to ingest on a regular basis.

When supplements are closer to a real food, the way nature intended, the body has an easier time recognizing, digesting and directly absorbing them.

The best nutritional supplements in our opinion are vitamins concentrated from whole food sources, with both active and inactive ingredients intact, or minerals that remain in their natural ionic form. Likewise, nutritive oils and cleansing solvents are best when extracted directly from intrinsic foundations.

Many of the supplement formulations mentioned on this page additionally contain amounts of living enzymes or other natural co-factors that make them more bioavailable and readily absorbable, which is especially helpful for compromised systems.

Why the Need for Super Supplements?

While it is possible to get many essential nutrients by adhering to a health promoting diet and lifestyle, additional supplementation can be very helpful for a number of reasons.

Dietary insufficiency can be caused by certain common factors that can put extra demands on the body. These dynamics may include daily life stress, genetic influences as well as an invariable amount of environmental pollutants we are all exposed to on a regular basis.

Again, we highly recommended getting regular blood testing so that you are specifically aware of which nutrients you are particularly lacking in.  It may also be appropriate to get tested for toxic substances, like heavy metals, that may be impeding nutrient absorption.

Daily Life Stress

Many people in modern-day society are in fact living a fast paced life that can sometimes wreak havoc on our body and our nutritional reserves and requirements. In addition, some may also choose to consume stimulating caffeinated substances to move us through our day to day life. These impacts, as well as other unhealthy lifestyle habits, can catch up with us over time, draining our nutritional reserves and taxing the body systems.

Genetic Makeup

Genetically speaking, some of us also may have one or more bodily functions that are prone to weakness due to inherited genetic factors. This may be useful information that can help to guide us as to which areas to focus our attention, so that we can avoid any continued family health issues and patterns further down the road. Super supplements can act as a backup system supporting areas that are more genetically susceptible to problems.

Environmental Toxins

In today's world we are all invariable exposed to a number of atmosphere pollutants and environmental contaminants that make their way into the foods we eat, the water we drink and air we breathe. These toxins may lessen our ability to effectively uptake nutrients as well as put a strain our immune response and central nervous system functions.

Supplementation, using concentrated green superfood powders, zeolite clay and intestinal cleansing formulas, can definitely help the liver to filter out these harmful substances and release them via the urine and stools.

In addition to primarily maintaining a healthy diet through the course of a lifetime, nutritional supplementation using vitamins and minerals can help to boost antioxidant production as well as nourish and replenish one's cellular structure.

Many of the supplements on our list below either help to fortify dietary inadequacies or can act as cleansing agents which can be helpful for periodic detoxification and nutrient absorption issues.

Top List of Super Supplements

This is a list of the super supplements we recommend to help encourage and maintain the highest nutritional support possible, complimentary to a health promoting diet and lifestyle.

Our list includes condensed forms of vitamins, minerals, omega oils, cleansers, solvents and digestive aids.

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  1. Vitamin Supplements
  2. Omega-3 Oils
  3. Digestive Supplements
  4. Mineral Supplements
  5. Green Superfood Powders
  6. Cleansers and Solvents

1) Vitamin Supplements

B12 Supplement

Many people today for a variety of reasons, whether they consume animal products or not, are vitamin B12 deficient. This can be a result of hectic lifestyles, external stress factors and environmental toxins that put a strain on our ability to absorb this all important vitamin.

It is vital when selecting a B12 supplement to avoid cyanocobalamin-based B12 concentrates (which are bound to a cyanide molecule). Methyl B12, or methylcobalamin-based B12, is non-toxic and more bioavailable to the body. B12 is available in patches, sprays and sublingual lozenges.

Vitamin D Supplement

There is a growing body of evidence that many adults and seniors are deficient in vitamin D and D3 in particular. The best vitamin D3 supplements provide synergistic co-factors, amino acids and sterols that enhance effectiveness and more adequately work to replenish vitamin D levels.

We highly recommend taking a vitamin D3 supplement, especially if you do not receive adequate sun exposure between 15-30 minutes a day. Vitamin D3 is available as a spray, patch as well as in tablet form. Some omega oil supplements, like Nordic Naturals, are also enhanced with vitamin D3.

Vitamin C Supplement

It is important not to consume synthetic or isolated forms of vitamin C. Ascorbic acid isolate is a highly unstable substance and pro-oxidant (the opposite of antioxidant) when used on a continuous basis..

In addition, synthetic vitamin C supplements can be toxic to the body, placing a strain on your liver and kidneys. It is best to therefore ALWAYS consume natural forms of vitamin C made from 100% whole food ingredients rather than ascorbic acid isolates.

2) Omega-3 Oils

Omega-3 fatty acids are "essential" fatty acids (ALA, DHA and EPA) and are a recommended supplement for most people living in industrialized society. It is important to get the proper balance of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids for adequate nutrient uptake. Over the last 100 years, because of changes in food supply and cultivation many people today are omega-3 deficient due to an over-abundance of omega-6 in their daily diet, which is found in meat, dairy, eggs, refined and hydrogenated vegetable oils and trans-fats.

A proper ratio of these omega-3:omega-6 fatty acids is essential for neurological functioning, cell membrane stability, oxygen transfer, inflammatory regulation, immune response and cardiovascular maintenance. Omega-3 oils are available as fish and krill oil supplements as well as vegan algae-based omega-3 oils.

3) Digestive Enhancement Supplements

Digestive Enzymes

Many health professionals are in agreement that many people today suffer from the lack of sufficient digestive enzymes due to poor dietary or lifestyle habits. This digestive enzyme deficiency and/or inhibited glanduar secretions is proposed to prevent full nutritional uptake from the foods we eat. Partial digestion of food molecules is known to lead to excess waste accumulation which can have toxic effects in the body over the course of one's lifetime.

A digestive enzyme supplement is claimed to help to break down your foods into digestible fuel the body can more efficiently utilize. This may be particularly important for those with health issues in which inhibited nutrient absorption can be a problem. Periodic use of digestive enzyme supplements might be especially helpful when eating a diet high in low-enzymatic cooked foods and animal proteins.

Probiotic Supplements

Along with eating a diet rich in fermented foods, it is also helpful, a couple times of year, to take a bottle of probiotic super supplements.

These are various species of beneficial micro-organisms like Lactobacillus acidophilus that, with the help and innovation of science, can be captured in powdered form to colonize the intestines when ingested. They are easily absorbed into the body and digestive tract, proliferating to assist gastrointestinal balance and normalize the ratio of gut microbiota.

Bowel Movement Formulas

A bowel movement supplement can be very helpful when constipation is an ongoing problem. Chronic constipation can cause a backup of waste material that can be toxic to the body when not regularly eliminated. It is important for optimal health that we are able to normalize bowel movements, and sometimes additional supplementation can help us to achieve this goal. This can be accomplished through specific herbal and superfood formulations as well as via concentrated fiber supplements.

4) Mineral Supplements

Calcium-Magnesium Supplement

A balance of calcium and magnesium is extremely beneficial for building and maintaining strong bones, teeth, nails and joints. Many commercial calcium supplements are largely toxic to the body, containing carbonates and harmful calcifying ingredients such as limestone, chalk or animal bone-sourced calcium. It is best to use plant-based calcium supplements for this reason.

Higher quality calcium supplements also contain other ingredients that help the body to most effective utilize this main mineral. This includes some primary nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin D3, silica and vitamin K2, all of which have been linked to promoting healthy bone structure. Often times calcium deficiency is associated with low levels of magnesium in the diet, so it is often especially helpful to include this mineral when looking to increase calcium absorption.

Zinc Supplement

Zinc is an essential vitamin important for healthy skin and eyes, DNA synthesis, wound recovery, immune support as well as prostate health. A high potency whole food or ionic zinc supplement can be very beneficial to take for neutralizing deficient states, in addition to promoting the absorption of other needed nutrients and the production of antioxidants like superoxide dismutase and glutathione.

Iodine Supplement

Iodine is a nutrient required by the thyroid for proper regulation of the thyroid hormones. It also helps to protect one against the uptake of radioactive iodine present from potential atmospheric sources.

In addition, many people today suffer from either an under-active or over-active thyroid gland and sometimes iodine can be helpful for normalizing these conditions. We advise, however, consulting your health care provider before supplementation as excess intake may be toxic to some individuals.

Other Minerals

Of course there are many other minerals one may additionally be deficient in. Other top minerals often lacking in the diet include selenium and boron. Minerals are also available in multi-mineral ionic solutions which contain a balance of all major varieties. These formulas can be added to purified drinking water and are highly absorbable by most people.

5) Green Superfood Powders

Green superfood powders, like Vitamineral Green, are a blend of many ingredients including green chlorophyll-rich juiced grass concentrates, herbs, leafy green vegetables, microalgaes as well as other superfoods.

These powders are extremely condensed and can offer a readily bioavailable multivitamin supplement that can be added to drinks or smoothies. Many of our favorite brands also include other helpful ingredients such as enzymes, zeolite and probiotics for additional support and digestibility.

6) Cleansers and Solvents

There are many brands of cleansing/detox supplements on the market specific to your unique health goals.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is a manufactured form of carbon that is an age-old natural remedy employed  for extreme cases of  gastrointestinal poisoning.

However, it is also a potent substance to take for periodic cleansing regimes due to its ability to effectively adhere to toxins and chemicals that may accumulate in the body overtime from impure foods, water sources and/or long-term use of medical drugs. Recommended for short periods of time to assist and speed up the natural detoxification process, it is most beneficial for neutralizing positively charged toxins in the GI tract and preventing their systemic reabsorption.


Zeolite is a naturally occurring clay-like compound that comes from volcanic earth deposits. Zeolite helps to detoxify the body of harmful toxins like mercury, lead, aluminum and arsenic, in addition to radioactive isotopes.

The type of zeolite used specifically as a dietary super supplement is called "clinoptilolite" zeolite and can be taken as a powder or as a liquid solution. Its crystalline structure is describes as a sort of "cage" that works like a magnet to attract toxins and effectively remove them from the body. Zeolite's come in the form of a loose powder, encapsulated powder or are available as a liquid solution. (See our page on best zeolite supplement for detoxification support.)

MSM Crystals

MSM stands for "methylsulfonylmethane" and is a naturally occurring solvent and organic sulfur based compound. MSM crystals, flakes or powders are one of the great plaque and calcification dissolvers, helpful for flushing away substances that tend to collect in the joints and muscle tissue. MSM is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory super supplements in existence and is very detoxifying to the body.

Using MSM powder can be especially helpful for rebuilding tendons, ligaments and muscles after injury. Closely related to the liquid solvent DMSO, supplementation can help to restore collagen levels and provide greater joint flexibility by working to dissolve sources of stiffness, pain or inflammation.

Parasite Formulas

Every once in a while, especially if you have been tested positive for parasites, it is extremely helpful to take a strong herb-based supplement to clear potential parasites out of their hiding places. Parasites tend be present in people who have a past history of eating an excess of refined, processed junk foods. They tend to feed off of food we eat, as well as any undigested waste material or impacted fecal matter. They are known to excrete highly toxic substances that can impede health and normal bodily functions.


We recommend getting periodic blood tests at least once or twice a year to test for possible dietary deficiencies. It may be necessary to also seek the advice of a qualified nutritionist or health care practitioner, especially when taking prescription medications or when afflicted with a serious medical condition.

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