A Raw Food Diet Plan for Weight Loss


A raw food diet plan for weight loss essentially involves integrating more raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds into one's daily diet.

This is not only a great way to shed those extra pounds, but also helps to heal, detoxify, alkalize, and restore natural energy levels.

The raw vegan diet is making it's mark in weight loss success stories around the world. This is a type of diet that includes whole living foods but leaves out the meat and dairy products.

When you follow a raw diet for a number of days, weeks or months in a row, you not only feel amazing and more energetic, you also loose that unwanted weight as the body goes through a cleansing process.

When you eat raw, vegan, living foods that are whole, water-rich and enzymatically alive, you can digest and assimilate them without unnecessary excess that overloads the cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body.

The more processed our food is, the harder it is to break down. Excessive cooking, baking and frying of food denatures it and creates excess and toxins that we can not convert to energy. This causes an array of health problems and weight gain issues.

Making Raw Vegan Foods


Raw vegan foods are great way to loose unwanted weight and find your natural physique, but more importantly, make you feel amazing, clear and happy.

Many recipes these days allow you to enjoy the tastes and textures of your favorite foods, like pizza, bread or cinnamon rolls, without the harmful effects of cooking or the use of refined processed ingredients. (Visit the links below for some of these recipes.)

The idea is to find your idyllic weight... not to much, not to little, but just right! A weight balance that allows you to feel your best and move through life with energy, strength and motivation.

On this website we have many raw recipes for you to experience with.  Plus some very tasty, yet nutritious, dessert recipes when you get the urge to snack.

We all have a "natural body" weight that is intended specifically for us to feel alive and vibrant. When we find it and maintain it, true superhealth and a happier longer life become possible.

This does not mean that any of you who have weight issues should "feel bad" about your condition, but rather be inspired to seek better habits that can help you to loose or gain the weight needed to find the body that is "truly yours." This can be quite an exciting process!

Achieving Ideal Body Weight with Raw Foods


A healthy diet plan might also include phases of eating a 100% raw vegan diet for a period of time. 

In addition, some people find that adding in more fresh raw juices or doing a juice fast can be helpful.

Many people today, however, are including just 50% raw foods in their diet and are noticing dramatic changes, achieving ideal body weight and cleansing the tissues of processed, refined foods.

Part of the reason for this is that when you eat whole raw foods you provide the body with fiber, water and the nutrition necessary for sweeping the colon clean of “old” waste build up and toxic residues.

Whether you are coming from a "meat and potatoes", "fast-food", vegetarian or SAD diet, a raw food diet plan can add tremendous benefits your overall health to help prevent disease, obesity and aging stress factors.

Raw Vegan Diet Plan - Simple Rules for Success

If you are someone who is attracted to eating more "raw", but unsure where in the world to start, we have a few helpful things for you to think about.

1) Be Realistic

A good raw vegan diet plan is a "plan" you know you can maintain easily with your needs and lifestyle. If you are living a busy life with a hectic schedule, think about practical ways you can eat more raw foods.

For example, prepping meals the night before is sometimes a good idea. Maybe the help of a raw food cookbook might support and motivate your commitment.

In addition, making green super juices or blended drinks can be an easy way to begin.

2) Make It Enjoyable

Having fun with your food is important. Create great meals and snacks you totally love to eat! Some people enjoy making wonderful cuisine in the kitchen and some people don't.

You can go "raw gourmet", making all sorts of yummy dehydrated foods and traditional meal replacements, or you might want to just keep it simple, chopping up fresh produce to make delicious salad combinations.

Many people enjoy adding all the delicious top superfoods to their diet right away for the immediate benefits they offer.

Using cacao is beneficial for anyone coming off of coffee or caffeinated substances because it gives you a little lift, although is contains very small amounts of caffeine and mostly theobromine.

For others raw dessert recipes can make the transition to healthier eating a lot easier.

3) Keep It Simple

Start with easy, basic recipes that meet the above criteria. All you really need is a knife, a chopping board and lots of delicious fruits and veggies.

Try making different salad combination's, adding a handful of your favorite nuts. Or as a salad alternative, you can blend up your veggies in a blender with a bit of miso for a raw soup.

As mentioned, blending foods into shakes and smoothies is also a simple approach for anyone with a busy schedule.

4) Provide a Balance

Getting the most out of your raw food diet plan means getting the most nutrition out of your raw food, eating balanced meals from the various raw food groups.

Most people, when they start eating and making raw food diet recipes, eat way too many nuts and seeds. This is fine for awhile and might be a necessary part of eat less meat and dairy type foods. Also consider other raw food groups like seaweeds and raw fermented foods.

Choose a raw vegan diet that takes into account all the above factors. By doing so you will more easily be able to integrate more raw living foods into your current diet and lifestyle.

And remember...

"It's not the food in your life, its the life in your food."

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