Benefits of Sunlight as Superfood


Sunlight is a superfood! It's rays penetrate and feed us, through our skin, essential ingredients to our health and happiness.

Just as a plant takes in the light through chlorophyll and photosynthesis, we too pull in sun rays that energize our hemoglobin.

Without the sun as a source of light foods do not grow. When we eat raw foods that have not been heated or cooked we are consuming the sun's natural light.

This energy is stored within the pure water content of the food. That's why raw food is also called "sunfood." Cooking food destroys the life-force that was activated by sun light.

"Light is to the skin what air is to the lungs." Peter Ragnar

In addition to a healthy diet, of sunfood energy, we believe that getting amply amounts of sun light on the skin everyday is incredibly beneficial to overall superhealth!

Why Sunlight On The Skin?

Many ancient cultures around the world have used the sun as the center of their religion, rituals and ceremony. As seen through the pyramid design, which is largely based on the movement of the sun around the earth.

The sun is the source of all life. All of nature grows toward it and all the planets revolve around it, you kinda get a feeling that it is powerful and somehow important!

It provides the all important VITAMIN D's which are synthesized through the skin. They are essential for organ maintenance, bone strength and proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

We call sun light a superfood because without it superhealth is not possible. Sunlight and superfoods work together!

When consuming the top superfoods, packed with antioxidants, beta carotene and especially green food nutrients, like algaes, we are unaffected by the "damaging rays of the sun" (UV light).

Sun light actually nourishes the body through the skin, working to improve the absorption of the superfoods we eat.

The sun's light acts as a powerful detoxifier, helping to heat the body and sweat out wastes and acids.

The skin is the body's greatest organ for eliminating toxins. Direct sun light on the skin also speeds the healing of bruises, cuts, fungus and rashes.


Benefits of Sunlight Therapy

We like to get sun light all year round! In colder winter climates it can be very rejuvenating and uplifting. I personally like to lay out with as little clothing as possible on sunny days all year long.

Although the sun's angle is not as strong in cold seasons, the benefits can be felt almost immediately.

Just try laying in the sun on a sunny winter day, it will make you feel happy and energized. In some ways I feel like my body is like a solar panel taking in the light rays and boosting my batteries for when I need the extra energy.

Fifteen minutes of sunlight a day is all you need to feel the effects.

sunlight benefits

It is important for those who are not use to the sun or sensitive to it... to go slow!

You can increase sun exposure on the skin over time, building up to longer sessions of 30 minutes or more. It is good to start by sitting in the winter sun when the sunlight is less intense.

If we increase exposure to the sun as suggested, the skin often does not burn and is naturally protected because we've built up to it.

Do We Really Need Sunscreen?

The best UV protection is not through sunscreen, its through the foods we eat and drink and the types of dietary practices we maintain over the course of our lives.

In addition to a healthy diet of raw foods, eating chlorophyll rich algaes such as spirulina and blue green algae are especially beneficial for UV sun protection.

However, when we eat a diet high in cooked trans fats and refined foods, free radicals and toxins are pulled to the surface of the skin by the sun's rays leading to mutations, disease and cancers.

Can You See the Light?

When eating a healthy diet of superfoods, green juices, and sprouts you are protecting, not only your skin, but your eyes from potential damage.

You may then minimize the use of sunglasses that block the light from nourishing the eyes.

"Life on this Earth since the beginning has evolved under the full spectrum of natural sunlight. Recent experimental studies have indicated that abnormal growth responses developed when any part of this natural sunlight spectral energy was blocked from entering the eyes. As people have become more civilized, living under an environment of artificial light, behind window glass, eye glasses, and particularly sunglasses of different colors, the balance of the wavelength energy entering the eye has become greatly distorted from that of natural sunlight."

Dr John Ott, Optometric Weekly

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