Albizia Julibrissin Benefits (Mimosa or Silk Tree)


Albizia julibrissin (pronounced al-BIZZ-ee-ah joo-lee-BRIS-sin), also called "silk tree", is known for its unique fuchsia pink-tipped silky thread-like flowers that burst like fireworks when in bloom.

You may also recognize albizia as a variety of mimosa, frequently viewed as a favored landscape ornamental as well as an invasive seed spreading species.

The blossoms have a very fragrant scent attracting many bees and butterflies. Likewise, a tree of sweet nectar-filled flowers will invariably be a feasting ground for numerous types of hummingbirds.

3 Reasons Why It's Called The "Tree of Happiness"

1) Albizia Benefits for Stress and Mood
2) Albizia Benefits  for Sleep Support
3) Albizia Benefits for Grief or Loss


1) Albizia Benefits for Stress and Mood

It's not just called the "tree of happiness" because of its cheery-looking pom pom-like flowers that can make one smile.

One of the things you may not be familiar with when it comes to Albizia julibrissin is its long history as an herbal species.

Want to foster relaxed and mood-lifting moments? Then albizia might be a good herbal ally to put on the list. Especially relevant during these changing and sometimes challenging times, life is too short not to naturally assist more positive vibrational states when needed.

It is considered a superior SHEN TONIC in Chinese herbalism as well as a type of NERVINE in Western herbalism. Both the flowers and stem bark are utilized in preparations that concentrate its various botanical antioxidative compounds such as the julibrosides, SAG, phenols and flavonol glycosides.

Herbs that foster "Shen" are believed to encourage emotional and mental well-being. It is second on the list of herbs next to reishi utilized in the Jing Herbs formulation Peaceful Spirit.

Nervines help to nourish and stabilize the nervous system and ultimately support a healthy response to stress.

Sometimes the ripe albizia flower buds are sold for tea infusions, but extracts made from the flowers and/or stem bark are believed to be the most phytotherapeutic.


2) Albizia Benefits for Sleep Support

One of the popular ways albizia has been used in many folk traditions is as a sleep aid, especially to support deep sleep. This is yet another reason it's called the "tree of happiness".

Frequently, both the flowers (he huan hua) and the bark (he huan pi) are used as an extract for such purposes or with other herbs that also promote restful sleep.

Customarily, to many herbalists, the flowers are regarded as more "uplifting" whereas the bark is considered more "calming" or "sleep-inducing". We have also heard the popular saying "albizia bark anchors the spirit and the flowers lighten it."

In Chinese medicine, it is a common herbal supplement used for insomnia along with other tonic herbs like fo-ti, jujube and poria. (*)

One of our affiliated brands, Lost Empire Herbs, offers a high-quality albizia 10:1 powdered hot water extraction and likewise has a "Sleep Bundle" which includes Albizia julibrissin as well as other herbs like ashwagandha, ziziphus and blue vervain.


3) Albizia Benefits for Grief or Loss

Another reason it's called the "tree of happiness" is because it's traditionally recommended for anyone going through grief, heartbreak or the severe loss of a loved one.

This aspect goes along with its properties that support Shen, an influence that is known to calm the nerves, soothe the heart as well as promote a peaceful state of mind while going through the natural stages of letting go.

Research on Albizia julibrissin

Some research shows that the SAG compound offers potential support for relieving anxiety.  Likewise, in another study on chickens, it was identified to have a neuroprotective influence.

In other science, glycosides in albizia were proposed to regulate mood-modulating serotonin levels by inhibiting the serotonin transporter or SERT.

Albizia, and one of its julibroside saponins, was also found to have an anxiety-reducing or "anxiolytic effect" on mice tested.

There are many ways to cultivate happiness in one’s daily life, along with a health-promoting diet and lifestyle choices, Albizia julibrissin can be one to experiment with to help you achieve this goal.

Remember, it's good to keep in mind that herbs that work for one person may not affect another in the same manner. Likewise, some may notice immediate effects whereas others need to use it over a period of time to get desired results.

Note: When making homemade tinctures, freshly harvested flowers are more potent than dried ones. The bark is peeled usually from the stem branches and can be used with the albizia flowers in an alcohol menstruum.


Do not use Albizia julibrissin if pregnant or nursing. Always consult your health care professional before use especially if you have a medical condition or are taking any medications.

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