TA 65, Anti-Aging Supplement Shown to Lengthen Telomeres


I just found out about this amazing super supplement, called TA-65, and wanted to share more info about it for those of you who are wanting to take your health to the next level by working directly with your DNA!

It is noted to be especially great for those in their mid forties and older.

I have read and heard some great talks about what it does and why it has become one of the leading edge scientific breakthrough supplements of our time. It is all so interesting and very exciting!

One of the most amazing things about this supplement, which is derived from a rare species of astragalus root, is that it is actually the only proven supplement to lengthen telomeres and significantly diminish what causes aging in humans.

What are Telomeres?

To understand how TA 65 works, you first need to learn more about the genetic material at the beginning and end of chromosomes, called telomeres.

The primary function of telomeres is to prevent the unraveling of chromosomes during cell replication. As we age, we become less and less able to reproduce cells and telomeres become shorter and shorter. The longer your telomeres the younger you will look and feel at any chronological age.


In fact, your telomeres must remain long to maintain optimal biological age whereby you look and feel more youthful than your chronological age (based on your birth date).

Scientists have discovered a healthy number of telomeres to be #1 key to a long, happy life.

Dr Dave Woynarowski, in his book The Immortality Edge, discusses the effects telomeres and telomerase have on increasing lifespan significantly.

He believes that in addition to healthy eating practices, exercise and getting adequate amounts of sleep, TA 65 is the most effective longevity supplement at this time and the only one that works directly with our DNA.

After a year of taking the supplement himself, Dr Dave went from 7.1 base pairs of telomeres to 250 base pairs, which was proven scientifically through testing. This gave him 4-5 years of "biological youth."

During this time he stated having more focus, more energy and more sexual libido, which he compared to his early twenties. In fact, this is the case with nearly everyone taking this super supplement.

What Is TA 65?

TA 65 was developed by a company called TA Sciences, after a rare form of astragalus, a Chinese tonic herb, was found to contain minute amounts of the "hTERT gene" that activates the telomerase enzyme.

The super supplement is a highly concentrated form of this astragalus root compound and is the only supplement of its kind that actually "turns on" telemerase and lengthens telomeres.

This was proven in human trials and with no negative side-effects.


"Telomerase turns up those genes associated with disease prevention and turns down the genes associated with heart disease, diabetes, and cancer" Ornish.

So far astragalus is the only known source of telomerase, but many scientists believe new, more abundant sources will be found as exploration in this field progresses.

Dr. Woynarowski has a feeling that the medicinal mushrooms, upon further testing, might reveal such compounds, like telomerase, that will continue to promote youthful DNA structure and extend the quality of our lives significantly in the years to come.

Benefits of TA 65:

  • energy increase
  • vision improvements
  • sexual enhancement
  • improves blood pressure
  • lengthens short telomeres
  • restores immune system
  • improves bone density
  • increases cognitive function
  • provides overall feeling of well being

In a human cohort trial published in Rejuvenation Research in Sept 2010, TA-65 was shown to be incredibly safe, with not one reported side effect.


TA 65 Cost and Pricing

Because it is currently extracted from a rare plant species in highly concentrated form, it is quite pricey depending on the dose you may require.

My husband and I definitely want to take it at some point, but we realize it is a commitment, because once you start you probably won't want to stop. This is what I have heard anyway.

There are basically three doses available.

1) Low Dose - 250 units (1 capsule daily) - 6 month segment is an average monthly cost of $200. This dose is recommended for healthy adults between 40-50 years of age.

2) Med Dose - 500 units (2 capsules daily) - 6 month segment is an average monthly cost of $367. This dose is recommended for those in good health between the ages of 50-60.

3) High Dose - 1000 units (4 capsules daily) - 6 month segment is an average monthly cost of $667. This is the dose recommended for those in poor health or with major illness, or over the age of 55. This dose is a major boost to the immune system!

It is standard practice to measure your telomeres before, during and after completing the protocol to show actual changes in telomere length.TA-65 Supplement

Can you get the same effect from using astragalus root?

Standard astragalus extracts or tinctures DO NOT contain the telomerase activator. Although astragalus does have other superfood benefits as an energy tonic, TA 65 is a super potent form of this gene molecule and is developed from a specific species of astragalus found in Mongolia.

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