Living Longer with Longevity Foods


We are no doubt living in exciting times. Never before have we seen such advancements in science and technology.

Things like stem cell research and telomere biology have been proven to reverse the aging process.

And now, for the first time ever, the near probability of life extension well beyond the average years lingers in the future of the human race.

Thomas Rando, who leads the Center for Longevity at Standford University also states that: "There has been a dramatic increase in the average human life expectancy.  This average life expectancy has doubled over many thousands of years and has now doubled again in the last 100 years."

For me, its not just the idea of living longer however, its the concept of maintaining high levels of health in our 90's, 100's and beyond.

The idea being, you want to expand life span and health span simultaneously!

Is it really living if to increase your life span you need numerous prescription drugs and medical devices to keep you alive?

The interesting thing is: people today are not "dying of old age", they are dying of diseases caused by poor life style habits that build up and later manifest in the body.

One of the secrets to longevity is, in fact, accomplished through feeding the body what it needs to thrive and maintain vitality.

This, we feel, is the first step to happy, energetic long life. This website was created to provide you with the many longevity foods we feel are essential for both extended "health span" and life span.

Staying Fit with Exercise

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When we eat the foods that make us feel our best, increased desire for physical activity is usually something we enjoy as a side effect.

Exercise is also important for physical, metal and spiritual health! When you stop using your body it becomes weak and inflexible.

Aerobic and anaerobic fitness is so vital to maintaining and sustaining health, breath and vigor.

Longevity and Enzymes

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In the book, "The Life Bridge: The Way to Longevity with Probiotic Nutrients" it was confirmed, through hundreds of studies, that eating a diet with added fermented foods plays a role in protecting against diseases.

Eating some cultured food everyday boosts immune system and provides a healthy balance of flora to the digestive tract.

Alternately, a diet of over-cooked, processed and refined foods over time depletes the body’s metabolic and digestive enzymes.

The more raw foods you can eat daily, the better. The enzymes in raw foods become an alive and prolific part of digestion, providing fiber and living nutrients that give you life.

The famed author, Dr. Edward Howell, in his book Enzyme Nutrition wrote, "Humans eating an enzyme-less diet use up a tremendous amount of their enzyme potential in lavish secretions of the pancreas and other digestive organs. The result is a shortened lifespan (65 years or less compared with 100 or more), illness, and lowered resistance to stresses of all types, psychological and environmental.”

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There are isolated groups of people known to possess strong health and mental clarity one hundred years and beyond.

One such group are the Okinawa population living off the coast of Japan.

There diet included only 3 percent meat protein and consisted of mostly vegetables, dark leafy vegetables, seaweeds and fermented foods rich in enzymes.

Eat Less, Live Longer

Most people living in today's world are experiencing way more stress than previous generations and require greater levels of nutrition to meet the needs of depleted adrenals and other vital organs.

On average, humans consume too much of the wrong food choices. Because this food lacks quality nutrition, the body does not get the nutrients it needs to flourish.

We, in turn, reach out for more of the same food trying to feed starving cells. This is one of the #1 causes of obesity.

It has been well documented in scientific studies that eating less extends your lifespan and reduces risk of disease.

Reducing daily calories can be beneficial, we feel, because it gives the body a chance to clean out the build up of proteins and waste. Ultimately calorie intake should match the amount of energy expended on any given day.

If the food you do consume is packed with everything your body needs to thrive and be well, eating less would be a natural outcome. This is because concentrated nutrition fuels the body for longer periods of time.

Longevity studies have proven that people who eat less live longer. Part of our human evolution, we believe, is to find the balance between eating for comfort and eating the way nature intended... for nourishment!

Perhaps the next step in human evolution is to experience much longer, more fulfilling lives, increasing our longevity far beyond our current average.

Who really knows the true potential of the human spirit once we truly own our power to create, perhaps anything is possible.

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