Porridge Recipe, A Gluten-Free Chia Seed Porridge


Here is our gluten-free chia porridge recipe for a great alternative to grains or the traditional bowl of cooked oatmeal. Chia seeds, when soaked in water, form a thick gel that can be blended with other foods to produce an instant breakfast cereal with a porridge-like consistency.

The fact is there is not much to a chia porridge. Really, all the work involved is simply adding water and letting your bowel of seeds grow and gelatinize to about 10 times their original size in about 20-30 minutes. The rest is up to you and the ingredients you may wish to add for flavor and creaminess.

For this recipe we use hemp seeds, maca a bit of coconut oil to create a smooth milky texture. You can, however, use a tablespoon of other superfood powders, a homemade almond milk for soaking your seeds, other nuts and leave out the oil if desired. The chia seeds can also be soaked in fruit juices, coconut water or even coconut kefir to create different taste sensations and health benefits.

Because chia seeds are inherently pretty flavorless, for a basic porridge it is nice to add fresh vanilla bean, if you have it, or vanilla powder works well too. Other flavorings may include cinnamon, cacao powder, carob, super fruit powders or any of the SweetLeaf stevia solutions like english toffee, mint, grape or butterscotch.

This raw vegan recipe is a little bit like a pudding as well as a porridge, especially if you don't warm it up and is actually quite delicious served chilled on a hot summers day.

While you always have the option to leave the chia seeds whole, they are a bit more palatable, in our opinion, when blended and are also easier to digest. Porridge is customarily viewed as an easy way to increase nutrients, because the blending process pre-digests the grain, or in this case the chia seed, so that immediate nutritional uptake is possible.

Some people do prefer to use whole soaked seed when making a chia seed pudding or porridge. This will produce more of a tapioca pudding-like texture.


Chia Seed Nutrition

Chia seeds are a super nutritious seed to include in your diet, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They make an excellent thickening agent in all kinds of raw vegan recipes including pate's, desserts, dressings and even jams.

The mucilaginous gel-like coating produced around the seed is very hydrating to the body when consumed and helps to slow the conversion of nutrients, providing a long burning fuel source. The soaked seeds are very soothing to the mucus membranes and digestive tract, acting as a mild laxative. Chia has a natural cooling effect on the body and is especially lubricating for the skin when ingested.

They are also high in omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fiber, calcium and are 30% protein with all essential amino acids needed by the body for proper muscle growth and tissue repair. Lower in calories compared to glutenous grains or oat carbohydrates, chia is a muscle building food source rather than fat building one. The soaked seeds additionally help to cleanse the digestive tract, encourage regular bowel movements, stabilize blood sugar levels and are known to satisfy the appetite for many hours.

As we mentioned, this porridge recipe is very easy to make and can provide the perfect breakfast for your busy active day as well as an energy sustaining meal for the average workout session or exercise routine.

Vanilla Chia Porridge Recipe



  • 1/4C dry chia
  • 1/4C hemp seeds
  • 1/2T maca powder
  • 1T lucuma powder
  • 1t coconut oil
  • 1/4C yacon root syrup or coconut nectar
  • 1/8t green leaf stevia powder
  • 1t vanilla powder or 1/4 scrapped vanilla bean
  • pinch of sea salt
  • 1 1/2C pure water
  • nut milk for the top


  1. Soak the 1/4C dry seeds in 1 1/2C pure water for 20-30 minutes or more.
  2. Stir at the beginning and midway through soaking to break up any clumps.
  3. Blend all of the ingredients together in a blender, leaving out 1T of yacon root syrup for drizzling over the top if desired.
  4. Blend enough to create a smooth texture.
  5. Pour into a bowl and serve or place your bowl in the dehydrator for 30 minutes to 1 hour to warm it slightly.

Add nut milk,  fresh berries, chopped nuts or other toppings you enjoy.

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