Best Clinoptilolite Zeolite Supplement for Detoxification Support


Zeolite is a generic term used to describe a class of microporous crystalline minerals made from aluminosilicates that offer special qualities as catalysts and adsorbents.

Raw clinoptilolite zeolite is one of the most abundant and commercially utilized for its ability to attract positively charged heavy metals, ammonia, toxins and radioactive isotopes.

The clinoptilolite mineral rocks themselves are typically a grey-green to beige color with an irregular and sharp-edged shape. Under microscopic inspection, however, their fine clay-like powders reveal a unique framework of channels and cavities which can capture smaller molecules within their honeycomb cage-like structures, basically acting as natural filters.

Natural zeolite "rocks", like clinoptilolite, are present in the earth's crust and sediment layer formed from the geological compression of volcanic ash and marine water over thousands to millions of years.

These surface deposits are found all over the planet and are easily mined and used for industrial and commercial applications such as livestock feed, water treatment, hazardous waste cleanup like glyphosate contamination (*) as well as ecological and nuclear disasters. (*)

Likewise, clinoptilolite zeolite is also manufactured for oral intake as a supplement to support the human detoxification process. These products are commonly taken with water in the form of a powder or liquid solution.

Acting in a chelating manner, supplementation can help eliminate toxic substances we are all invariable exposed to in our daily lives. Clinoptilolite powders are not technically "digested" by the body as its structure remains intact. It simply passes through the GI tract releasing toxins it collects via the channels of elimination.

Therapeutically consuming forms of "earth", like clays, charcoal and zeolite, is an ancient practice and some health experts would argue should be a periodic component to detox protocols at least once or twice a year.

Not all zeolite products, however, are created equal. Here on this page, we present our researched information that may be useful when selecting the best clinoptilolite zeolite supplement for your intermittent cleansing regimens.

Best Types of Zeolite Processing for Supplemental Use

There are basically two general types of clinoptilolite zeolite on the market in the U.S. and Canada. We classify them as:

  1. Commercial-Grade
  2. Supplement-Grade

Commercial-grade clinoptilolite is specifically marketed for industrial, household or environmental purposes. This granular raw rock material is not intended or advertised to be used internally by humans as a dietary detox supplement.

Quality supplement-grade clinoptilolite products always undergo additional steps that make it better for human consumption. One being a quality purification processing technique, in addition to a micronization procedure which creates an ultra-fine powder.


Micronized and Purified Zeolite Supplement Processing Techniques

About Micronization
About Purification

About Micronized Clinoptilolite Zeolite Supplement

Similar to activated charcoal powders, zeolite is an "adsorbent" material. Often referred to as a "molecular sieve", it provides a type of cationic exchange whereby smaller positively charged molecules are trapped inside its honeycomb cage-like structure and safely removed from the body.

In one 2018 review on the safety of zeolite clinoptilolite for intake in veterinary and human medicine, it was regarded as "safe for in vivo consumption".

The most effective clinoptilolite zeolite supplements, however, are varieties that have been micronized to increase this detoxification potential. (Source) According to our research, this processing technique increases the adsorption rate for the human gastrointestinal tract.

This activation process, called micronization, by definition means "to break a substance into very fine particles." (*) This does not change the structure of the zeolite, it only reduces its size. Therefore, creating more of them and thus a larger collective surface area.

This results in an ultra-fine talc-like powder that is of a very small particle size (nano-sized) and is measured in microns, usually averaging between 0.9-5 microns (μm) for supplement use.

Keep in mind that micronized zeolite supplements tend to absorb more water from the body, so it is important to stay well hydrated when taking supplemental detox doses.

While many commercial products are often a cheaper "granular" milled form with several different mesh sizes or textures, some mining companies also likewise offer ultra-fine micronized zeolites. They are not however marketed for human intake. This process simply makes them more valuable and effective for certain industrial uses.


About Purified Clinoptilolite Zeolite Supplement

Zeolites are composed of a microporous arrangement of aluminosilicate minerals, a chemical makeup of which includes silica and aluminum. The aluminum is not a "free" source but a part of the tetrahedra composition that is not digested or absorbed in the digestive tract. In other words, clinoptilolite is "structurally stable" and can't be dissolved by stomach acid nor is it fat or water soluble. It can also withstand very high temperatures.

Likewise, zeolite supplements have been approved by the FDA as a non-toxic safe to use under the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status.

Unprocessed mined clinoptilolite zeolite however is known to contain natural impurities, like positively charged heavy metals, which it can pick up from environmental sources.

It is often compared to that of a sponge and when its already wet (with other substances) it can't provide maximum detoxification support when ingested.

Therefore, zeolites are often "cleaned" or "purified" of such contaminants for highest adsorption capabilities.

Most all quality supplement manufacturers are very well aware that purification processes are beneficial for optimal effectiveness. And consequently, different brands have their own specific proprietary and patented purification techniques to offer a quality product as well as make a claim about their "high purity levels."

If a brand does not mention or have scientific documentation, preferably with a third-party lab analysis, that they have purified their clinoptilolite product we would look elsewhere.

Some commercial mining company’s on website's we visited, interestingly, also advertise the purity of their zeolites. This is because purified zeolite, as discussed, is more effective at waste and toxin removal when the microporous cage structures are not already taken up by other molecules.

Zeolite Supplements, Liquid Solution Vs. Zeolite Powder

There has been an ongoing debate in the zeolite supplement market for over a decade now about the differences between liquid zeolite supplements and powders.

While powders can range in quality depending on processing techniques, liquid forms can in fact utilize different methods to create the final product.

Some liquid zeolites are made by suspending the zeolite in water whereas others employ their own methods for creating a hydrolyzed solution which is proposed to make it soluble.

Some manufacturers argue that their liquid solutions are made with "advance technology" that can considerably reduce the particle size. There is even the claim that when hydrolized in water their product can not only move through the digestive tract but also has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier and cell membranes to remove toxins in the brain as well as entire body. 

Some authorities, in fact, debate that suspended liquid drops are simply small amounts of the powder mixed into water and consequently much less effective. We have correspondingly observed the amount on labels per daily dose is often much less than powdered zeolite supplements.

In our research, we found no current substantial evidence that any zeolite product, including hydrolized solutions, can cross the blood brain barrier. However, in one 2019 review, it was hypothesized as a possibility that when reduced in size it might have this outcome. We did find that one suspended liquid product claimed an average particle size of 0.409 μm (microns) while a powdered version claimed a mean particle size of 3 μm (microns).

Nevertheless, the benefits of both clinoptilolite zeolite drops as well as the powdered supplements have been substantiated by various health testimonials over the years.

Ultimately, we tend to prefer using a quality micronized and purified powdered zeolite supplement over liquid solutions. It is really up to you to experiment and decide for yourself which feels most appropriate and suitable for your needs.

Even though it is virtually impossible to escape all the toxins currently present in our food, water and atmosphere, it is possible to do what we can to protect ourselves by facilitating the body's own detoxification process. In addition to maintaining a health promoting diet and lifestyle, taking zeolite is an easy convenient way to achieve this goal.


Zeolite can cause dehydration as it tends to absorb water from the body, which can lead to constipation. It is best to avoid or seek the advice of a qualified health professional before zeolite detoxification protocols if pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician before taking a zeolite supplement if you have a serious medical condition or are taking prescription medications.

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